What is an "HTML5 flipbook"?

Everything you need to know about an HTML5 flipbook.

An HTML5 flipbook is an interactive online catalog, with a realistic page-flipping effect, which makes the reading experience similar to browsing through a real book. The format is very accessible and works across different devices, even on mobile.

Here is an interactive flipbook example.

There is a difference when we talk about an HTML5 flipbook and our HTML5 download feature:

An HTML5 flipbook is a publication created and used (read) in Flipsnack. This is what you get when you make a flipbook and it’s free.

The HTML5 download is one way of downloading the publication you’ve created in Flipsnack. Once downloaded, the interactivity features remain. You can use it offline, or embed it. If you are looking for more information you can read our HTML5 download article. This is a premium feature available with the Business plan and higher.

Is there a difference between HTML5 and PDF?

The HTML5 flipbook is different from a static PDF because it allows your flipbook to have a more real-life look and feel. It preserves all the interactions and multimedia elements, including the page-flip effect.

PDFs are static, so if you want an animated flipbook go for an HTML5 one. And with Flipsnack you can turn all your PDFs into HTML5 flipbooks in no time!

Why is an HTML5 flipbook helpful for you?

Having your flipbooks in HTML5 format is helpful because you get a fully responsive, mobile-friendly publication that works flawlessly in any browser or mobile device. Basically, it turns all your PDFs into beautiful, interactive flipbooks.

Flipsnack can help you with this, upload a PDF or create a flipbook from scratch and enjoy all the HTML5 advantages for your flipbooks.