Learn about video download

Find out how to download your flipbooks in a video format

We listened to your request, so here it is! The video download is available at a higher resolution. When you download your flipbook as a video, it will be available at a frame rate of 30 FPS and a resolution of 1920 x 1080px. The video will also have a duration between 10 and 12 seconds, depending on the flipbook's size.

Note: The video download feature is available from the Starter plan and higher. 

The updated MP4 download is an excellent way to promote your flipbook as a teaser on social media, via email, or any other preferred method. 

You can see an example of an MP4 download below:

How to download your flipbook as an MP4 video

Warning: If you're including videos set on "autoplay" or GIFs within your flipbook, the MP4 download format will not showcase them properly. We suggest you don't use this type of interactions if you want to download the flipbook in MP4 format.

Head over to the Main dashboard, locate your flipbook, and click on the Download button.


From the newly opened pop-up, select the Download MP4 option and click on Download.

How to download flipbook as video

Video specs

As mentioned, the video download is available at a frame rate of 30 FPS and a resolution of 1920 x 1080px, which makes it ideal for sharing on social media platforms that support MP4 formats. Also, the teaser trailer has a time limit between 10 and 12 seconds.

Tip: We encourage you to include the flipbook's URL when you share the video. Since the video acts as a teaser, it might not display all the pages of your flipbook. Adding the link will allow your audience to enjoy the full publication.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via live chat.