Sharable full view links

The difference between full view and direct links, and how to share your flipbook as either of them

When using Flipsnack, you have the option to share your flipbooks using two types of links: a full-view link and a direct link. There is a difference between the two.

The full view link contains only the flipbook, without the site's header and the footer. 

If you want to share your content without any distractions on the page, we recommend sharing your flipbook in full view mode. When someone opens the full view link, they can view the flipbook without any Flipsnack branding, such as the logo, header, footer, etc. This provides a clean and uncluttered viewing experience.

Here’s an example:

On the other hand, the direct link contains the flipbook, a header and a footer that includes the flipbook's title, user profile, and the date of publication. 
Here's an example:
To access this link, just visit the Details page, scroll down, and you'll see the Link to the flipbook on Flipsnack under the Download section.

How to share your flipbook in full view mode

There are two ways to access the full view link.

1. While in the Main dashboard, select the desired publication, and click on the Share option.


In the pop-up that appears, simply copy the link that allows you to share the flipbook in full view mode.


2. You can also access the link from the Details page.


Now all you need to do is share the link.

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