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How to use a lead form

Lead forms are used for gathering information about your viewers. It can be inserted on any page of the flipbook and edited to add the fields you require.

To add and edit a Lead form in your flipbook follow these steps: 

1.Go to "My collection" page, hover the mouse over the flipbook you want to edit then click Edit. 

2. In the editor on the left panel click Lead form. If you click it, a form will be added on the page you are viewing. If you want the form on a different page you will need to select that page first then add the form.

3. The Lead form has three default fields that you can edit to your liking by clicking the Edit button and changing the name adding different type of fields. After customizing it, click on Publish or Save and the form will appear in the live version of your flipbook. 

The information that people insert in the Lead form will be saved to a CSV file. You can download the file if you go to the “My collections” page, hover your mouse over the flipbook in question and click on “Sharing options”. In the pop-in window you have to click on the “Analytics” tab, which is below the preview. Then click on Download CSV and that’s it.


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    Model Permalink


    When I embed this to my website, the lead form with "850"x"550" size is will fit with the magazine. But lower than that, it will automatically overlap the previous page. How do I change the size of the lead form?

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    Andrei Permalink


    Regarding this issue can you contact us on Live Chat please, or send me an e-mail with the link to where you have the flipbook with the lead form embedded? is my e-mail address.


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