What could be causing my thumbnail to not display when shared on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or LinkedIn?

If a Flipsnack flipbook thumbnail doesn't show correctly on social media, it may be due to caching, incorrect meta tags, image specs, or accessibility issues. Contact support if needed.

When the thumbnail for a flipbook created in Flipsnack isn't displaying correctly on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or LinkedIn, it could be due to a few specific reasons related to how these platforms fetch and display images from external links. Here are potential causes and troubleshooting steps:

Potential Causes:

  1. Caching Issues: Social platforms cache thumbnails to improve loading times. If you've recently updated your flipbook's cover or thumbnail in Flipsnack, the platforms might still show the old version due to caching.

  2. Meta Tags Configuration: For a thumbnail to display correctly, Flipsnack needs to have the correct Open Graph (OG) meta tags configured for your publication. These tags help social media platforms identify which image to use as a thumbnail.

  3. Image Specifications: Each social platform has specific requirements for thumbnails (like minimum dimensions and aspect ratios). If your flipbook's cover does not meet these, it might not be displayed.

  4. Accessibility of the Image: The thumbnail image must be hosted in a location that's accessible to the social platforms' crawlers. If there's an issue with the image's URL or if it's hosted on a server that blocks these crawlers, the thumbnail won't show.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Refresh the Cache:

    • Use tools like Facebook's Sharing Debugger and LinkedIn's Post Inspector to clear the cache for your flipbook's URL. This forces the platform to fetch the most recent thumbnail.
  2. Check Meta Tags:

    • Ensure that Flipsnack is correctly setting the OG meta tags for your publication. You might need to consult Flipsnack's support or documentation to see if there are specific settings you need to adjust.
  3. Review Image Specifications:

    • Adjust your flipbook's cover image to meet the social platforms' requirements. This might involve resizing the image or changing its aspect ratio.
  4. Verify Image Accessibility:

    • Make sure the image URL is correct and that the server hosting the image allows access from social media crawlers. Check your server's robots.txt file to ensure it's not disallowing access.
  5. Contact Support:

    • If you've gone through these steps and the issue persists, consider reaching out to our support team. There might be specific nuances with how Flipsnack publications are handled that we can assist with.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue with your flipbook's thumbnail not displaying on social media platforms.