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Understanding Flipsnack's Cookie Policy

Flipsnack uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience on our platform. This article summarizes how these technologies work, their purposes, and your options for managing them.

Technologies Used

  • Cookies: Small files stored on your device to remember login details, preferences, and to track site usage.
  • Web Beacons: Invisible images that monitor user activity.

Types of Cookies

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: Essential for service functionality, like remembering login details.
  2. Functionality Cookies: Remember preferences for a personalized experience.
  3. Performance and Analytics Cookies: Track usage for service improvement, e.g., Google Analytics.
  4. Targeting and Advertising Cookies: Collect data for relevant advertising.
  5. Social Media Cookies: Facilitate content sharing on social networks.

Managing Cookies

You can opt out by adjusting your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may limit some functionalities.

Policy Updates

This Cookie Policy is subject to change. Updates will be communicated by revising the "effective starting" date at the top of the policy.

For more details, read the full cookie policy here.