How to use version history

Learn how to access or restore a previous version of your flipbook

There might be instances when you need to access or recover previous versions of your flipbooks. Maybe you want to see how your publication has evolved over time or to make edits starting from a specific version. 

Here's how you can use version history in Flipsnack:

Warning: Besides the document creator, anyone in your workspace with editing permissions can restore the document.

1. While in the Design Studio, click on File, then on Version History


This will reveal a list containing previous versions of the flipbook. The list contains the date and the hour of each version.

Note:  Since 2023 version history allows you to access flipbook versions from the past 3 months, regardless of how many changes were made to the flipbook.

2. Click on a version to view it


When you click on a version, you can easily see how it looked at that specific point in time.

3. Click on Restore version to restore the version

You will be prompted a message stating that your document will revert to that version. Click on Restore to proceed.


You have reverted to that particular version of the document, which you can now fully edit. 

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