Upcoming: Flipsnack's new vs old dashboard

Get ready for an exciting update to our Flipsnack dashboard, designed for a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

What Stays the Same

  • Your Flipbooks: All your current flipbooks remain accessible.
  • Functionality: Continue to upload, design, and interact with flipbooks. Plus, easily access all shared flipbooks.


Exciting Changes

  • Unified Dashboard: We've merged 'My Flipbooks' and 'Read' into one comprehensive area.
  • Shared with Me Section: Now includes 'Purchased Publications' and 'Purchased Subscriptions', alongside flipbooks shared by others, for a centralized access point.
  • Team Flipbooks Section: For multi-user plans, 'My Flipbooks' becomes 'Team Flipbooks', retaining all features. For readers in a workspace, team publications are now in this dedicated section, streamlining access.


Enhanced User Experience

  • For Publishers: Your workflow remains unchanged, ensuring a familiar managing and collaborating experience.
  • For Readers: All your flipbooks, whether shared, purchased, or from your team, are now accessible in one streamlined location.


Visual and Functional Upgrades

  • Cleaner listing:
    Enjoy a visually improved document listing that enhances clarity and aestheticcs. 
  • Single creation hub:
    A new, unified area where you can create different types of documents, streamlining your creative process.

  • Enhanced search functionality:
    Improved search capabilities now allow you to search through both templates and flipbooks, making it easier to find exactly what you need.

Additional new feature: Organizing templates into folders

  • Template organization:
    We're introducing the ability to organize templates into folders. This update will help you better manage your templates, making it easier to find and use them for your projects.

This feature enhances the overall functionality of the dashboard, ensuring that your creative process is more organized and efficient.