If you want to create an account on Flipsnack, you can sign up by setting an email address and password.

The email domain is the web address that comes after the @ symbol in an email address. So, for example, in an email like contact @flipsnack.com, flipsnack.com is the email domain.

Due to a recent surge in spam accounts containing the email domain "hotmail.com" provided by Microsoft Outlook, we have decided to not accept sign ups with hotmail email addresses. Besides hotmail.com, other domains that have been heavily associated with spam have also been blocked.

Ideally, you would sign up with your business email address, if you plan to use Flipsnack for your company.

If you want to use Flipsnack for personal purposes, you could use one of the following email domains providers:

  • Gmail

  • AOL

  • Yahoo! Mail

  • iCloud Mail

  • Yandex Mail

We're sorry if you were planning to use your hotmail.com email address to sign up and use Flipsnack for legitimate purposes, but we had to take this measure to protect us from spam.

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