Contextual menu

A more accessible way to access the most used options such as copy, paste, align, and more.

What is a contextual menu?

A pop-up menu that appears on user interactions such as mouse right-click with a set of predefined options. The options available are related to the object or objects that have been selected.

Use the contextual menu in Design Studio to do your work simpler and faster. 
Access many options you need by right-clicking the mouse over the desired element.

To reveal the contextual menu, open a design in Flipsnack and select an element or multiple elements before using the mouse right-click. 

Important: The menu is compatible with text boxes, photos, videos and other elements.

Options you can easily access in the menu:

  • Copy, cut, paste or delete elements

  • Move forward or backward selected elements

  • Align elements (left, middle, right, top, center, bottom)

  • For more than three elements, access the options tidy up, distribute horizontally or vertically 
  • Flip images horizontally or vertically
  • Advanced lock or unlock selected elements (position, style, content)
  • Group or ungroup multiple elements at once


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