Your favorite, most used tools in the Design Studio have become even more accessible, helping you design faster. Adding links, text boxes, videos and shapes is now just one click away, or one button click away.

Each draw tool has its own keyboard shortcut. Let’s get into it.

  • Draw link - Just press the key “L” on your keyboard. Easy to remember, because L is for links. Then simply select the are that you want hyperlinked, add a link and hit Save.

    This is very useful if you have to add a lot of links in your catalog. It can even cut in half the time you spend adding links!

  • Draw text - Just press the key “T” (for text) on your keyboard. Then simply select the are where you want your text box to be, enter your text and click Save.
    Texts are used in almost every catalog, so having a shortcut for this tool comes in handy for everyone.

  • Draw video - Guess what key you should press for video? Yeah, it’s “V”! Then, select the area where you want your video widget to be, enter a video URL and click Save.
    So there it is, the easiest and fastest way to add links in your catalogs!

  • Draw shape - There are a variety of shapes that you may want to use in your catalog. We can’t have a shortcut for every shape in the Flipsnack gallery, because there aren’t enough buttons on your keyboard, so you have a shortcut only for the most used shapes:

    R - Rectangle
    O - Oval
    U - rectangle with rounded corners
    Triangle - no keyboard shortcut, but easily accessible in the draw shape tool

So there you have it! Start using these quick tools to work even faster in Flipsnack!

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