Your digital rights

What are your digital rights as an author/publisher?

We often get a lot of questions regarding your digital rights as a Flipsnack user. So today, we’re going to go over all the rights you have regarding your use of Flipsnack, your flipbooks, and your privacy.

Your rights as a user/publisher

You retain full ownership of your content. That means that both the stuff that you upload to Flipsnack and the end product (finished work) is solely yours.

Under no circumstance will Flipsnack claim ownership over something you as a user create or upload. This includes text, images, videos, sounds, music, works of authorship, or anything else.

Essentially, anything you create is unique to you, anything you produce outside of what Flipsnack provides to you is yours to use however you’d like.

Flipsnack usage rights

Like we said above, Flipsnack does not claim usage rights to anyone’s flipbook. However, by using our platform, you are granting us permission to use our platform to help you modify your flipbooks.

We as a company will never change anything about your flipbook. You are simply agreeing to let our tools, features, and platform as a whole help you edit, modify, and delete flipbooks. Any edits or modifications to your flipbooks will be done exclusively by you.

As a side note, if your flipbooks are published publicly, there is a chance that we might share it on one of our social media platforms or in an article. But again, only if they’re published publicly for everyone to see.

Important: You can find out more about our full terms of service

If you have any other questions regarding Flipsnack, feel free to ask one of our amazing live chat representatives.