Upload videos in your flipbooks

Adding videos to your flipbooks has never been easier.

We're aware that using videos in your publication attracts and keeps your readers engaged in a way that is clearly simple yet very powerful, so we bring you a new feature that you might enjoy just as much as we do.

Now, with our Business plus plan, you can upload videos directly from your device in our Design Studio. It is as simple as it gets. 

How to upload videos in your catalogs

In order to upload a video, enter the flipbook in the Design Studio, then click on the Uploads tab and click on Upload your media. An overlay will open where you can search and select the video file you want to upload.

After the file is completely uploaded, you can drag and drop the video player on your page then publish the flipbook. Your readers will be able to play the video on the page they are currently viewing. 

upload media button in flipsnack design studio

Click here to see the Upload video feature in action.

Important: Please keep in mind that the videos can only be uploaded in an MP4 format and the maximum size accepted is 1 GB.

If you want to remove the media files you uploaded (images and videos) in your Flipsnack library, edit the cover or download them, here's how you can do that. 

Simply click on the Uploads tab on the left side of the Design Studio, hover your mouse over the image or video you want to download or delete then click on the 3 dots icon in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail and select the desired action. 

If you want to set a specific frame to be displayed in your library so you can recognize the video easier, just select Edit cover

edit cover in uploads in flipsnack design studio

An overlay will open where you can select the frame and then click Change.

change video thumbnail adjustment in flipsnack

We hope you'll find these features as useful as we do!