Elements are an important part for a publication and learning how to format them will make it easier for your work.

In our Design editor you can add, move, resize, duplicate or delete every element that you are using.

  • Add elements

Adding elements has never been easier. You can add them directly using our left sidebar menu, and using the section you need: photos, videos, GIFs, or shapes.

To add elements on all pages use the “Add on all pages” button from the layer tab from the right hand side.

  • Move elements

To move elements you simply select the one you want to move and place them whenever you want.

  • Resize elements
  • Duplicate elements

To duplicate elements

  • Delete elements

Adjust transparency selecting the element or elements and click on the Transparency button from the layer tab from the right hand side. From here you can choose how transparent you want your element/s to be.

Links and interactions

With Flipsnack, you can now import elements and links from one flipbook to another. No more copy and paste. It's as simple as a few clicks.

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