Differences between embed, download HTML5 and CNAME

Learn the differences between embed, download HTML5, and custom domain.

If you've ever wondered what embed code, HTML5 download, and CNAME (custom domain) mean and the difference between them, here is a short description of what each is and what it does on our platform.

The Embed code is an iFrame for your flipbook. You can paste this code on any website that supports iFrame embed codes to allow your readers to access the embedded flipbooks on platforms other than Flipsnack. 
This option is available with any subscription, including the free plan.

The HTML5 download is a format that preserves all the interactions on your flipbooks, including the flipping pages after download, and is available starting from our Business plan.

The custom domain, is a type of resource record that allows you to set your own domain/sub-domain to your flipbooks. Your flipbooks will not have our company's name mentioned anywhere on the flipbook, on the hosting page, or in the URL of your flipbooks. Available starting with Business PLUS. 

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