New and improved editor

Find out here more information about our improved Design Studio.

Our team is continuously working to deliver a Design Studio that improves your experience when creating flipbooks.

What's different in the improved Design Studio? 

  • Pages menu is on the right

We moved the pages menu to the right side to free up some space for page editing. You can still add, delete, and rearrange pages from there.

  • Layout zoom settings

You can zoom in or out the layout of the page, which will magnify or minimize your view of the flipbook. Like that, whether your layout is in single-page or double-page, the whole layout will be affected allowing you to see details more clearly.

  • Rotation

You can rotate texts, shapes and photos after selecting an item on the page. This is a functionality which has been requested by many of you.

  • Element menus are above the page

All element settings (for images, texts, links, buttons, shapes or video) are now at the top of the page. You can see them by selecting an item on the page.

  • Simpler customization

The Widget settings tab is now labeled as Customize and it’s the first button on the left.

With this interface, it’s much easier to change your flipbook’s settings. We show only the most used widget settings, to give you a less cluttered view, which is easier to work with. By clicking on each one, you will get access to their settings.

  • Better usability

By taking out layouts and other less used elements, we’ve made the interface look less cluttered. 

With this interface, you won’t have to navigate through so many options and settings, because they are better organized.

Overall, this improved Design Studio is not only much faster, but also more intuitive and better organized. With any questions you can contact us through live chat!