How to update your payment information

Learn how to change your payment method from your account

If you have an active subscription and you want to renew it using a different credit card, these are the steps you need to take:

1. Log into your Flipsnack account, click on your account image, and select Settings

2. Click on Billing.


3. Then click on Add payment method. 


3. Choose between Card and US bank account, and then enter your payment details, and once finished, click Add. The new payment method will be checked as default, but you can toggle this off. 

Important:  You cannot change your payment method from PayPal to Credit/Debit Card or vice versa. You can not change your payment information if your membership is old and not part of our current memberships. 

This also applies to failed payments or canceled auto-renewals. Once old plan subscriptions are interrupted, they will no longer be available.

4. To change your billing information, on the Billing page, click on Update information.


5. Edit the information an when you're done, click on Save button, at the bottom of the page.


Please contact our support team via live chat if you have any difficulties.