Flipsnack has created a helpful tool for online marketers or simply for people who are curious to see how succesful their flipbook is in terms of views / shares etc. Accordingly, Flipsnack offers stats for the entire publication and also for each individual page of that publication.

In order to access those stats, just login into Flipsnack, go to the “My Flipbooks” page, locate the flipbook you want to see the stats of and click on Stats.

These stats are available to all Flipsnack users. The difference is that free users get up to 7 days of statistics, Starter users get up to 3 months, while Master and Team users get unlimited, all-time stats.

One thing that you should also know is that you can select data range, so as to view all-time stats, last 30 days stats or any other period that you’d like (taking into account the moment since you’ve published your flipbook).

Flipsnack statistics also lets you know what percentage of your readers opened your flipbook via desktop PCs, tablets or mobiles, as well as percentage of sources, whether it was directly from Flipsnack, via social media or via embed code. 

Last but not least, the geolocation by countries feature allows you to see where your readers are accessing your flipbooks from, with number of views from each country and a heatmap. 

If you are a Master or Team member, you can also integrate Google Analytics in your flipbooks, read this article to learn how.

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