If you ever wondered what the labels next to your catalog in My flipbooks mean, keep reading to find out.

No label

If your flipbook has no label next to it in My flipbooks, it means it is published, it is public and ready to be shared with your viewers. 

Not published

If you don't wish to publish the flipbook just yet, you can leave it unpublished by just exiting the editor without saving. 


When you edit an already published flipbook and you exit without saving, the changes you made are saved as draft. They will only be reflected in the live version after you publish it again.


When you see this label, it means that your flipbook is published but it's private, meaning it's not indexed by search engines and only the people who have the link can see it.

Important: a flipbook that was once public cannot be unlisted anymore so make sure you save them as unlisted from the very beginning. However, here is a workaround for that.

You can see the difference between the published, draft and unlisted flipbooks here.


This label lets you know which one of your publications is a shelf.
You can find more about this new feature in this article

For sale

This label lets you know that your publication is already set up for sale and it can be bought by your readers.
For more information on selling your flipbooks with 0% Flipsnack fees, please read this article.

Pending review

This label lets you know that a Contributor from your team has sent you a flipbook to be reviewed and published.
You can find more about team member roles here.

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