Flipsnack makes downloading your flipbook in PDF, format incredibly easy. If you own a Starter or higher membership, whether you have created your flipbook from scratch or you have used PDF files to create it, you can easily download
it by going to My flipbooks, locating your flipbook, clicking on the three dots next to it and then on the Download option.

From the newly opened pop-up, select the Download PDF option and click on Download.

To enable the PDF download for your readers, simply open your flipbook in the editor and on the Customize page, enable the PDF download option then publish as usual.

Your readers will be able to download the PDF by clicking on the Download button above the flipbook while in fullscreen mode or in normal mode if you also enable the Show controls in normal mode option.

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Important: The PDF format does not support animations so the file you download is a regular PDF. To keep the interactions and animations you will have to download in HTML5 format.

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