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FlipSnack stats explained

Flipsnack has created a helpful tool for online marketers or simply for people who are curious to see how succesful their flipbook is in terms of views / shares etc. Accordingly, Flipsnack offers stats for the entire publication and also for each individual page of that publication.

In order to access those stats, just login into Flipsnack, go to the “My Collections” page and after you hover the mouse over the flipbook click on Statistics.

You can see detailed reports regarding:

  • impressions - counted each time the widget is loaded;
  • views - the number of interactions with the flipbook, i.e. each time a person flips through the pages of your publication;
  • average time spent viewing the flipbook;
  • shares on social media;
  • downloads - the number of times your PDFs were downloaded from your flipbook;
  • clicks - the number of clicks on links and buttons that were added with our Flipsnack editor;
  • devices - percentage of number of views from desktop, tablet or mobile;
  • sources - percentage of number of views acquired through Flipsnack, social media or embed;
  • locations - top 5 countries where the flipbook is most popular and number of views for each.

These stats are available to all Flipsnack users. The difference is that free users get up to 7 days of statistics, Flip Publisher users get up to 3 months, while Flip Corporate and Flip Business users get unlimited, all-time stats.

One thing that you should also know is that you can select data range, so as to view all-time stats, last 30 days stats or any other period that you’d like (taking into account the moment since you’ve published your flipbook).

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