How to use Flipsnack for ecommerce



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    I am still trying to do what I really would like to do with Flipsnack. That is to have an option where people have to purchase the actual magazine. If I publish my magazines, then people will be able to get them for free, which defeats the purpose of what its all about for my business. 

    When I try to download the files, they are individual pages as JPG files and not a PDF. But the layout is all over the place, with pictures on top of each other, and fonts not in their correct place. So far after paying for this subscription and spending weeks on my magazines, when it came time to download, I was very disappointed. 

    I have recently found another site called magcloud which does exactly what I want, in both selling the publications direct from their site, and/or on my own website, and/or print versions as well. 

    I have paid for the yearly subscription now, and yet, I don't have the options. If the downloaded files were in PDF format and were not messed up, I would have been happy. 

    Just disappointed. 

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