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Html5 is out now!

We’ve been working on the HTML5 for a very long time now, so we are thrilled to announce the official release!
The new widgets are fully functional, packed with all the powerful and engaging features that you love.

There are some features that are not 100% ready, but they will be in the coming weeks. More specifically:

  • The shelf widget
  • Single page view
  • Download package – still flash

What is different?

Same look and functionality across all devices

Up until now we had 2 versions for each flipbook: Flash (the main one) for computers and HTML for devices that didn’t support Flash. Now that Flipsnack runs fully on HTML5 we will be able to provide more consistency.

Full accessibility on all modern browsers

There’s been an anti-flash movement over the last few years. Mozilla Firefox has blocked all Flash content automatically, not long ago, because of some known vulnerabilities.

The new HTML5 version will run smoothly on all modern browsers, so you don’t have to worry about your flipbooks being blocked, Flash crashes or anything else.


Quicker page load

We have optimised the new widgets to load faster and the page loading time has improved.

Enhanced SEO

HTML5 is more SEO friendly than Flash, so this change is good news for . The entire content of your flipbook will be indexed by search engines, automatically. Of course, you can always keep your content private (unlisted) if it is a confidential or private document.


How do I transition my flipbooks to HTML5?

For new flipbooks, you don’t need to do anything special, because all new publications will be HTML5.

We’re also working on an automated solution to convert all flipbooks that have been published on Flipsnack up until now. Due to the many differences between the two technologies, it will take about 2 days to complete converting all published flipbooks to the new format, but we will do it gradually.

However, this will not affect the embedded flipbooks. If you wish to convert an embedded Flash flipbook to HTML5 you will need to re-publish and re-embed it.


We’ll be happy to receive any feedback or suggestions that you might have, so that we can continue to improve the product for you.


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