The links I have in my PDF don't work on FlipSnack. Why? What can I do to fix this problem?




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    The hyperlinks DO work in the .pdf and not in this system. A great deal of time was invested in assuring the links functioned in .pdf. Why would it be "convenient" to redo that work using your software?

    Is there another fix to this?

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    Make sure the hyperlinks are included when you export your PDF. Here we have a guide with recommended export settings if you follow them the links should work after conversion in the flipbook as well.

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    When I upload a PDF the links are not working. This PDF was exported from Microsoft Word 2016 and the links work correctly in the original Word document as well as the exported PDF. They stop working once it is imported to create a flipbook.

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    Hi there,


    Can you contact us on Live Chat regarding this issue please? The button can be found in the lower right corner of our website, we might need to run some tests on the PDF you are using.


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