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What is the direct link and where can I share it?

Once you publish your flipbook, you will get a direct link to it. You can share this link with whomever you want. It will open a page that is hosted on Flipsnack.

To get the direct link, go to My collections, hover your mouse over your flipbook and click on “Sharing options”. A pop-in window will open and right below the preview you will see the direct link. In order to copy it, all you have to do is click on it.

You can also share your flipbook on social media channels, by clicking on the “Social” tab in the same pop-in window. Here's an example of a flipbook on Facebook.

 Tip: When you share your flipbook on Facebook, people will be able to open it directly there by clicking on the play button. That way, they won’t be redirected to our website.

If you want to share your flipbook via e-mail, check this link to see how to do it:

On the share page (the direct link), you can see some sections below the flipbook, such as: Info (here you have the flipbook’s title and description), Comments, Share, Embed and Text (here you can find the text that’s on each page of the flipbook). Also, people will be able to see all your published flipbooks. Almost all of these can be customized or disabled as a premium option, the exceptions being the Info and the Text sections

Please note that if you’re using the direct link, the flipbook will be presented on our website and our logo will be displayed in the header. The only way to remove the header and the footer is to purchase the FlipEnterprise subscription. 

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