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A new look for your flipbooks

You have probably noticed that your publications look different (and by different, we mean better).
The look of the new widgets has been significantly improved to be more attractive and to work better.   
Here’s a short list of what changed:
  • The old menu bar is gone, and it’s been replaced by a sleek zoom bar and moved all the other options to the top left corner.
  • The thumbnails have been replaced by an elegant, subtle new slider that looks gorgeous. You can still see the thumbnails on mouse rollover, to help guide the navigation.
  • The standard grey background is gone. Now you’ll have a beautiful navy background, that can be customized to your liking. 
  • All controls fade-out after a few seconds of inactivity, to make your publication stand out. 
  • The first and last pages are centered.
  • We deliver a better experience on mobile devices.
More details here.
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