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White label available now for you!


UPDATE: This version of the white label is outdated and certain details no longer apply. For an updated version, please check

Along with our new Elite plan, we're launching a new feature that will allow you to host the flipbook on your own domain or subdomain. 

With this feature, the flipbook will be displayed on your domain or subdomain without any reference to Flipsnack.  Here's an example of how it would look:

As you can see, the link reflects your domain/subdomain, after that you get the name of the folder, then you see the name you had set for the flipbook. This way, if you are a publisher you can create separate folders for your clients and each client will get their own URL for the flipbook. A feature like this is helpful when you want to manage multiple brands/clients in the same account.

After you upgraded to the elite plan you will get access to a separate account where you can add your domain/subdomain and where you can create the white label publications. 

With the standard Elite plan, you are allowed 10 white label publications per account. If you need more you can upgrade your Elite plan to support more white label publications. 

Another feature of the Elite plan is the multiple user collaboration. You can have 10 people logging in at the same time with the same account and collaborate to create beautiful flipbooks. 

If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact us by live chat or submit a ticket and we'll provide the information you require. 

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