How to connect Flipsnack and Hubspot through Zapier

Learn how to connect Flipsnack and Hubspot through Zapier to receive form submissions in Hubspot when someone submits a lead form in your flipbook.

In a previous article, we explained how to create a Flipsnack Zap in Zapier. This article will show you how to connect Flipsnack and Hubspot through Zapier, assuming you have created the Flipsnack Zap, as mentioned in the hyperlinked article above.  

  1. While in Zapier, click on Action, and you will be prompted to choose an app. 


2. Choose Hubspot.


3. In the Event dropdown menu, choose Create form submission. There are different options, but this is the one you should choose to receive form submissions in Hubspot. Click on Continue


4. In the Account tab, connect with your Hubspot account. Once done, click on Continue.

5. In the Action tab, there are multiple fields to which you can add information.

  • The Form field is mandatory, and you must select a form you have created in Hubspot. If you have not yet made a form in Hubspot, please create one first, and then proceed. 


  • The Email field is mandatory, and you can select the Email address property from the dropdown menu. Note that the options in the dropdown menu are based on the fields included in the Flipsnack form from your flipbook.

When you select the form, multiple other fields are available, such as First name, Country/Region, Phone number, Website URL, etc. These fields are not mandatory, but you can select their respective fields from the dropdown menu if they exist in the Flipsnack form.

There are also additional general fields, but I will mention the ones relevant to this use case. 

  • In the Page name field, add Flipsnack Leadform or any other relevant name.
  • In the Page URI field, add the flipbook link. 


If you have included a GDPR compliance check for the form in Flipsnack, choose the following settings for the field:

  • Enable GDPR functionality - True;
  • Legal consent type - Consent checkbox for communications; form submit as consent to process;
  • Consent to process - True;
  • Processing consent type - Add the text or select GDPR from the dropdown options.


Note: For now, you can only send GDPR information from Flipsnack. Cookie information cannot be currently sent, but it will be possible in the future.

Once you are done completing the desired fields, click on Continue.

  1. In the Test tab, you can click on Skip test or Test step, but we recommend choosing Test step to see if everything works perfectly. Then, you can click on Publish.

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