How to connect Flipsnack and Gmail through Zapier

Learn how to connect Flipsnack and Gmail through Zapier to receive email notifications when someone submits lad forms in your flipbooks.

In a previous article, we explained how to create a Flipsnack Zap in Zapier. This article will show you how to connect Flipsnack and Gmail through Zapier, assuming you have created the Flipsnack Zap, as mentioned in the hyperlinked article above.  

  1. While in Zapier, click on Action, and you will be prompted to choose an app. 
  2. Choose Gmail.
  3. In the Event dropdown menu, choose Send email. As you can see, there are different options, but this is the one to choose to receive email notifications. Click on Continue.
  4. In the Account tab, connect with your Gmail address. Once done, click on Continue.
  5. In the Action tab, there are multiple fields to which you can add information. 
  • In the To field, add the email address/addresses that will receive the email notification. You have two options:
        a. Manually enter an email address to receive notifications when someone submits a form.

        b. Select Email address from the dropdown menu to notify the form submitter that their form         has been sent. Note that the options in the dropdown menu are based on the fields included         in the Flipsnack form from your flipbook.


  • In the Cc and Bcc fields, add the email address/addresses that will be added as Carbon copies and Blind carbon copies on the email notification. 
  • In the From field, choose the email address that will send the email notification.  
  • In the From Name field, you can select properties from a dropdown menu. If you have included the Full name in Flipsnack, it will appear in the dropdown menu. Otherwise, it won’t, and you can leave this field blank. 
  • In the Reply to field, you can add a single email address other than the one you have set as your own. 
  • The Subject field is mandatory; as the name implies, it is the email subject. Here, you can add a custom text, choose a property from the dropdown, or combine the two, as in the example.
  • In the Body Type field, you can choose between plain and HTML. The HTML one allows you to add a custom-designed email template, like the ones offered by Stripo. 
  • The Body field is also mandatory, and it represents the text from the email body. Like the Subject field, you can add custom text, choose a property from the dropdown, or combine the two. 
  • In the Signature field, you can select the signature associated with the email account.
  • The Label/Mailbox field allows you to select a label to apply to the email you received.
  • In the Attachments field, you can select an attachment for the email. It can be an actual file or a public URL, which will be downloaded and attached.

Once done, click on Continue

5. In the Test tab, you can click on Skip test or Test step, but we recommend choosing Test step to see if everything works perfectly. You can then click on Publish.

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