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For everyone who is just starting to use Flipsnack, or for those of you who have been using Flipsnack for a while, we have some great news!

Introducing Flipsnack Academy’s first online course.

We put together an online introductory set of lessons that will help you understand more of what you can accomplish with this online publishing platform Flipsnack.

The course has an Intro and 8 chapters, each one with specific lessons:

  1. Getting Started with Flipsnack - Intro, Main Dashboard, How to convert a PDF document, Designing a professional catalog, Publishing and sharing the catalog, Pricing plans

  2. Design Studio - Intro, Layout & menus, Layers & groups, Rulers & Guides, Templates & Image Filters

  3. Adding Interactivity - Intro, Links (Internal & external), Adding Videos, Tags, Product Tags & Captions, Embed

  4. Visibility Settings - Visibility Settings

  5. Sharing and Downloading - Customization, Sharing via Link, Embed, Share via Email, Sharing via Social Media, Download

  6. Statistics - Intro, Account stats & Flipbook stats, Analytics, Google Tag Manager

  7. Branding - Intro, Profile Customization, Custom domain, Widget Logo, Email Branding, Branded templates & Locking, Brand styles, colors, assets

  8. Collaboration - Workspaces and team roles and permissions, Teammate activity logs, Notes, comments

More chapters coming soon.

For feedback or if you have questions, you can leave us comments after each lesson you finish and engage in discussions. Learn how to use Flipsnack like a professional!

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