GIPHY integration

By integrating GIPHY into our tool we are expanding the means of catalog communication.

We know that when it comes to communicating, GIFs and stickers can tell a complete story. We all know them, we all use them, and they’ve become like cells in our conversational blocks.

What is GIPHY?

GIPHY is an online database and search engine through which users can find those short looping videos we all love. Basically, if you’re trying to look for a GIF, you guessed it, GIPHY is the place to be.

How to use GIPHY in Flipsnack

Integrating GIPHY into Flipsnack means that now you have more options to present to your audience. GIFs and stickers can be funny, they can be a pop culture reference and lighten the mood. They can throw a sparkle in an otherwise stale conversation.

Their use is not limited to laughter though. Stickers and GIFs can be used in business propositions too. In some cases, they may even be better suited than a video. Having a looping video or a sticker in your publications can further enforce the point you are trying to make.

You can add a seaside GIF for your travel brochure. Or you might want to use a Jordan reference for your sports catalog? They’re right there waiting for you! Simply click the GIF and our Design Studio will take care of the rest.

Catalogs, brochures, and newspapers can all benefit from a spark of animation. This can bring more life to your publication and make it more relatable.

Choose between GIFs and stickers and then just type into the search bar the words referencing your idea.

GIF options in flipsnack design studio

Now the world of animation is at your hands! Pick the GIF or sticker best suited for your intentions. Just drag and drop it on the page and you’re done.

To offer you complete personalization freedom, we also included the option for you to be able to upload your own GIFs and stickers.

So the only question that remains is,

Where to find them?

In our Design Studio, if you look at the bottom of our customization list, you’ll find the option to add GIFs and stickers. As we said, we want you to be able to communicate as effectively and freely as possible.

Sometimes GIFs and stickers are more efficient than a whole video. You don’t risk distracting your reader’s attention and as a bonus, you get to set a mood.

Go beyond text and shape and add GIFs or stickers to better interact with your audience.