In this tutorial, you’ll be learning how to integrate Flipsnack with Okta Single Sign-On. Integrating Flipsnack with Okta is extremely useful, and provides you with the following benefits:

  • You can control who has access to Flipsnack in Okta.
  • You can enable your users to be automatically signed-in to Flipsnack (Single Sign-On) with your organization accounts.
  • You can manage your accounts in one central location.


To configure Okta integration with Flipsnack, you need the following items:

  • An Okta account (you can create one here)
  • Flipsnack subscription with single sign-on option enabled

Scenario description

1. Login into your Okta organization page.

Ex: https:// ${your-domain}. okta. com
2. On your Okta account admin page, click on Applications, then click on Add application.

3. Select Web application and click Next:

4. Now, you need to setup the following fields, just like in the screenshot below:

After everything is all set, please click Done.
5. Next, in your app, click on General, then, click the edit button.

6. Add Logout redirect URIs:
7. Click Save.

Testing the single sign-on integration

In this section, you will configure and test Okta single sign-on with Flipsnack based on a test user called Britta Simon. For single sign-on to work, a link relationship between an Okta user and the related user in Flipsnack needs to be established.

First step:

Click Users -> People

Click Add person.

Now, we can create a user for testing.

Configure Flipsnack Single Sign-On

1. In a different web browser window, sign in to Flipsnack with your premium Flipsnack account.

2. On the right side, on your profile icon, select Settings

3. The next step is to select the SSO tab and if you have a premium account, you should be able to see the settings for SSO.

4. Select Okta as Identity provider.
5. Select your organization endpoint.
Ex: https://${your-domain}${authServerId}
Ex: https://${your-domain} 

6. Select your Identity provider for your Okta account.

7. Select your client ID and your secret client ID from your Okta account.

Create Flipsnack test user

1. Sign in to Flipsnack with your premium Flipsnack account.

2. Click on your profile picture and navigate to Settings -> Teammates

3. Now click Add User to open the Add User dialog box.

4. In Email text box, enter the username of the user like
brittasimon@ yourdomain. com and select a role. When you're done, click the Send Invite button.
5. Now, you can enable or disable the SSO only option for this user. That means if you enable SSO only, the user will be able to login only using SSO.

6. Go to the sign in page and enter your test email in input
(brittasimon @ yourdomain. com)
7. You will be redirected to your SSO login page or default Okta login page.
8. Enter your credentials.
9. Now, you are logged in Flipsnack.

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