Your favorite publications available with a subscription

Be the first one to read the next issues of your most-liked publishers.

Would you prefer to stay connected to your publishers by using a subscription rather than purchasing a single flipbook? Don't worry about forgetting when the next issue is out because you can easily purchase subscriptions and get access to your desired magazines as soon as they are attainable.

How can I purchase a subscription?

If the publisher enables the option for purchase, you'll see it when you click on the publication. The option will appear in the upper left corner in the widget and in the upper right corner in the Enhanced skin. You'll have an option to purchase a single publication or a subscription.

purchasing a subscription on flipsnack

Important: The number included in the subscription is selected by the publisher and visible to you as well.

paying a subscription on flipsnack

If you're not already a Flipsnack user when you make a purchase, an account will be instantly created with the email address provided for the purchase. Enter the confirmation email received in your inbox, set a username and password for your account.  

To make sure you're all set, you'll also get an email with useful information about your purchase. For instance, the name of the publisher and the number of flipbooks included in your subscription.

What do I get when I purchase a publication?

The purchase covers only the digital publication, and it does NOT include a printed version of the publication. Moreover, the flipbook cannot be downloaded as PDF as it only appears in the readers’ Flipsnack account.

Where can I find my purchased publications? 

Your purchased publications will be available by entering My Flipbooks, clicking on Read then Purchased Subscriptions, on the left side of your screen. 

your purchased publications

In order to keep things organized, the subscription issues have a separate category in the Read section. Once a new flipbook included in your purchased subscription is accessible, it will appear in your Purchased Subscriptions. The same goes for the purchased publications, with their own category. Also, you'll be able to see how many publications you still have to receive right under the publication’s name.

page where you can read all your purchased publications


Note: Please keep in mind that you'll receive your publications only in a digital format. Each time a publisher makes modifications to a publication they will also reflect in your copy.

How do I know when the next publication is available?

We'll make sure to let you know via email when the next publication is out so you can enjoy it as soon as you have the time. In case you forget about the subscription expiration date, we'll let you know when the publisher has a new publication available. This way, you can decide if you want to keep reading what he/she publishes.

If you have any questions or suggestions or you just want to get in touch with the publisher, you can do that from the Purchased Publications section right at the top where it says Contact Publisher.

contact the publisher option

Learn how this feature works from the publisher's perspective.