Our identity is what sets your brand apart from the rest. Simply put - it’s the easiest way to be recognized in a sea of competition.

Here at Flipsnack, we recognize the importance of not only building a unique brand identity, but maintaining it, too. 

Over time, we developed various ways in which you can brand your catalogs and brochures: through custom colors, by adding your logo watermark, by white-labeling your catalog URLs, and recently, through the use of custom fonts in the design editor.

Now we are working on a new area in Flipsnack where you can manage different aspects related to your brand’s identity. As of now it's still a work in progress, but you will see many changes in the coming weeks and months. 

You can find the new section, called Brand identity, in My flipbooks, on the lower left hand side. Everyone has access to see what it contains, but all our branding features require a premium subscription.

Font management

You can upload your own fonts and view or delete the uploaded ones.
Before uploading a font, make sure that it is a TTF or OTF format, otherwise it won’t be accepted. Also, make sure that you have the permission to use the font you want to upload.

To upload your fonts, simply click on the Upload button, select your font, then click Open

If you want to delete a font, just click on the Delete button then in the pop-up box that will open, select Delete.

Brand colors

With the integration of brand colors in Brand identity, we simplify the process of finding and using brand colors while you work on customizing your publications, and while designing them.   

You can read more about how to set your brand colors here

Create custom typography settings

Any of our premium plan holders have the options to set custom text styles to match their brand identity, and save it for later use. It’s basically a template for all the text styles you prefer to use in the Design Studio.

You can create a custom default for headings, sub-headings, and paragraph/body text. Create up to 20 different styles to use at one time. If you want to delete and add another style, simply go to the Brand Identity section of your dashboard and create more.

You can read more about all the options the typography feature comes with by clicking here.

Other branding options

We have big plans for Brand identity. Stay tuned to be the first one that will discover Brand colors, the opportunity to add your own logo and maybe even the option to set default fonts in the design editor.
The future sounds bright, right? If you have any suggestions regarding branding options, let us know!

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