As you might have noticed already, the header in the editor changed quite a bit and it's now easier for you to find every setting you need. There are 3 new tabs on the upper-left side, File, View, ad Help. Preview, Download and Make it a flipbook appear on the upper-right side, which we will discuss in a bit.

Let's start with the left side. Each of the tabs opens a drop down menu when clicked which reveals different options as shown below:

File: - New flipbook (opens a new tab where you can select the size for a new flipbook, if you're currently creating from scratch or you can upload a PDF for a new flipbook if the flipbook you are working on was created from a PDF file);
        - New page (adds a blank page after the page you are currently editing);
        - Flipbook size (allows you to resize the pages as you please);
        - Save as template (saves your flipbook as a template);
        - Save (saves your progress without publishing the flipbook).

View: - Zoom in;
           - Zoom out;
           - Zoom fit (the page zooms in to fit your screen);
           - Zoom full (the page is set to its original size);
           - Show pages panel (allows you to show or hide the sections where all the pages show on the right);
           - Show settings inspector (allows you to show or hide the settings for different elements such as text, images, etc.);
            - Show zoom bar;
            - Show rulers.
            - New guide (allow you to create a guide of rulers by setting your own parameters);
             - Clear guides (removes the rulers off your flipbook).

Help: - Help center (this button will take you to our help page);
          - How to videos (our video tutorials will appear on your screen in an overlay, allowing you to watch them without leaving the page);
          - Leave us feedback (you can click here when you want to rate our tool and give us a feedback).

On the right side, you will see that now along with the Preview (which allows you to see how the flipbook will look after you publish) and Download (when you click on this button, an overlay will open where you can select the format you want to download your flipbook in: PNG, JPG or PDF) buttons, there is a new button, Make it a flipbook which will take you to the Customize section. Moreover, you can now change the title of your flipbook directly in the editor. 

We hope you like these new changes at least as much as us. If you have questions, let us know!

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