Fullscreen feature not working for the embedded flipbook

Fullscreen not working when you embed your flipbook? Try this

A common issue among embedded flipbooks is that they can't be opened in fullscreen. This can be for 2 reasons, both of which can be fixed fairly easily. If you're experiencing this issue, follow the steps below.

1. Check if the allowfullscreen="true" parameter is present in the code;

<iframe src="https://cdn.flipsnack.com/widget/v2/widget.html?hash=fhpiofaak&bgcolor=EEEEEE&t=1535714119" width="640" height="385" seamless="seamless" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

2. Make sure the Flipsnack iFrame was not inserted in another iFrame embed code. If that is the case, the parent iFrame must have the allowfullscreen="true" parameter as well. 

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