Connecting your custom domain bought from GoDaddy to your Flipsnack catalogs is easy. There's a bit of going back and forth between the 2 platforms, but if you follow the steps described here (or watch the video at the bottom of the article) you'll have no issues at all.

1. To start things off, you'll want to go to the Brand identity section on Flipsnack, then to Settings and finally to Custom profile URL.

In the custom profile URL type in the custom URL that you wish to use for your catalogs. Most of our users set a subdomain on their website for catalogs (eg: That is what you would have to enter in that field.

2. Click Save Changes at the bottom.

3. Come back up and click Configuration.

4. Go down to your Host under page domain and click Copy.

For the moment, don't do anything else here, but don't close the tab, because you'll need it again.

5. Now, in a new tab, log in to your GoDaddy account. Go over to the domain manager (DNS) and click on Add in the Records panel.

6. Where it says Type, click the little arrow off to the right and select CNAME. From here, it's pretty simple since we copied the host earlier, from the Configuration popin, in the Flipsnack tab.

Simply paste it in the Host field in GoDaddy.

Be aware though that it may copy the full domain name. You don't need the full domain name in this section.

7. Now go back to the Flipsnack tab, and copy the CNAME Value from the Configuration box.

Head back over to GoDaddy and paste the value in the Points to section. Click Save.

8. Now do the same thing for the SSL certificate.

Click on Add and select CNAME again.

From Configuration, in Flipsnack, copy the Host from the SSL certificate and paste it in the same spot as you did just before. Again, make sure the full domain is not copied into this section. This is incredibly important to remember.

Back to Flipsnack, copy the value and paste it in the Points to section.

9. Now click Save again, and you're all set!


Important: in order to have access to the CNAME feature, you must have an Enterprise membership (previously known as Elite). 

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