The AAM (Alliance for Audited Media) reported a monthly circulation of more than 10 million online magazines in just the first half of 2013.

That means that more marketers and business owners are using digital magazines to deliver content and promote their businesses.

Digital magazines are better because they help save on printing costs and the end result is an eco-friendly publication that contributes to tree preservation. They also allow more interaction with the content then an offline magazine, because the digital format can support links and rich media. You can view videos while you reading a specific article and you can share it with your friends and family if you like it.

Online magazines can be read on any device, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones or desktops. New Research found that 64% of tablet users read news weekly and 37 percent do it daily. On the other hand, 62% of smartphone users are consuming news content weekly, while 36% daily.

This means that people are using devices to consume more content. This is why digital magazines are better than the offline magazine.

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