Here are some basic differences between an online magazine and a blog (or blog articles). In the strictest sense, online magazines refer to publications that are published periodically, on a regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly, annually, etc).

Most often, they are simply digital copies of the printed issue, which means that they are using the same editorial design. The layout of the magazine is organized on double spreads. Online magazines are usually sold to whoever wishes to buy a subscription.

The format in which they are delivered varies from PDF, HTML5, Flash, mobile app.

On the other hand, blogs publish articles one at a time, and blog authors can publish their pieces as soon as they are ready (for magazines the process is way longer). We all know that blogs use a simple design, and the focus is on text, not on design, so it will look a lot different than a printed magazine.

While magazines are often accessed through other programs /software, blogs will only work in the browser, when the reader is connected to the internet, and most blogs deliver their content for free (even though there are some exceptions).

Thinking about which one is best for you? We recommend you try both, as they can complement each other well.

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