Lead forms are used for gathering information about your readers. A form can be inserted on any page of the flipbook and it will require the readers to fill out their email address in order to be able to keep reading your publication.

In order to add a lead form to your flipbook, when editing your flipbook, go to the Interactions tab and select the Form option.

Once clicked, a form will be added on the page you are viewing. If you want the form on a different page you will need to select that page first then add the form. Readers will be required to enter their email address and click Submit in order to keep reading the flipbook.

The emails that your readers insert in the form will be saved in a CSV file. You can download the CSV file by going to My flipbooks, hovering your mouse over the flipbook in question and clicking on Settings

In the pop-in window, Go to the Analytics tab, then click on Download CSV button.

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