With our New Text Box, you can now change the color, opacity and size individually for each word or letter in your text and also edit the line spacing, line height and whether you want the text to be upper case, lower case, underlined or striked through.

Important: Individual formatting is not available for the existing templates since they were created before this feature. You can currently only do that with the New Text Box.

1. Open your flipbook in the editor;

2. Click on the Text button on the left side of the page then select New Text Box;

3. Type or copy - paste your text into the text box and select the letters/words you wish to edit;

4. Click on the Text color button at the top of the editor and choose the color you like;

5. Click on the Opacity button in the upper-right corner of the editor to change the transparency of the letters/words in your text;

6. To change the size, simply select the word or letters you want to edit and change the size of the text from the size box at the top of the editor;

7. Click on Spacing and select the line spacing and line height that works best for you;

8. Select the letters you want to change into lower or uppercase then click on the Uppercase (aA) button at the top of the editor.

9. If you want to strike a word or a few letters, simply select the word or the letters then click on the Strike through button at the top of the editor.

10. Select the word or letters you want to underline and click on the Underline button at the top of the editor.

Disclaimer: This is a Beta feature. If you encounter any issues while using it, please contact us via live chat.

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